Friday, 4 July 2014

Wanted: 1 Bedroom Hutch...

The usually peppy little pepper has decided that he is no longer a happy bunny living on his own. After the foundation of his garden fence was dug up by his nosy neighbour, wilbur, he decided it was time to move. 
For the mean time he has taken up a temporary residence in a flat share with 6 girls from New Guinea, BeyoncĂ©, acorn, Sylvia, Cocoa and Paulie. He is currently enjoying the sun that the south facing property attracts. For more news on peppers latest moves follow or subscribe above! 

Congratulations to Delta & Darius!

Delta duck and darius drake, happily married for 6 months, are happy to announce that their wonderful surrogate sitter, Helen hen, has hatched out their 5 bundles of joy! Helen is planning on raising the youngsters until they're old enough to join their parents at the 'big pond' which is strictly for adults! 
The official baby photos are to follow in a few days so watch this space for the lastest info! 

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Sleepy puppies!

This how the puppies are spending this lovely evening! Isla (the gold puppy) is asleep on her back, she's obviously tired herself out from playing with all the different visitors that have been to the garden today! 

Getting Better!

Im glad to say tom, our four year old male Rhea, is back to his usual self! 
Whatever was wrong with him last week seems to have cleared up completely because he's back to being mischievous and pinching food out of our hands. 
Last week he seemed to be a bit under the weather but that's been and gone. Maybe it was just a bit of seasonal flu! 

                                   He's a friendly bird really!

Four years and counting...


After being at the garden for four years, we finally have seen the grape vine produce a magnificent crop of black grapes. They are so delicious and tangy! The grape vine must be one to two hundred years old and yet it's taken years in our posession to see a decent crop. 
It's good that they taste good because we got grapes by the bucket full, well actually the vine full! 


The grapes are sweetest and least sour at the black/dark blue stage but if you pick one that's red/purple then beware they are so sour, It'll really give your taste buds a wake up call! 
The grapes will be available for you to pick by hand yourself, just ask one of our lovely volunteers about getting either a punnet or a little bag. Bringing your own bags/tubs to pick is always appreciated by us and the environment for recycling! Our homegrown completely organic grown grapes straight off of the vine will be priced at £5 per kilo. Ask one of our volunteers in the shop (our if they're working around the garden like they are most days) to weigh the grapes you've picked on the scales in the shop, they'll always be happy to help if you have any concerns or questions! 


Monday, 23 September 2013

Poorly Tom

Sadly our male Rhea, Tom, isn't feeling great. He's become lame in his right leg.
We don't know why this is but we've had the vet in and they've told us just to put food and water next to him in his bed so that he doesn't have to go far for it. 
So hopefully he'll be back on his feet soon! 

Pup-date five weeks

The puppies are five weeks old today!
We've already began the weaning process but it seems that their not interested in the puppy milk we make up for them, they'd rather have their mothers milk. The only problems with this is that tusa, the mother, is all scraped and covered in scratches because the puppies teeth and claws are so sharp when their suckling. 
One thing they do seem to enjoy very much is cooked chicken and tuna chunks! From three weeks old they've been nearly biting our fingers off for the cooked meat!